De Kleine Distilleerderij or Dutch Craft Distillery stands for “Small Distillery”. It is home to Lumierevodka and it’s Master Distiller Roelof Schipperus. Dutch Craft Distillery is located in the Flevoland Province of the Netherlands within a small rural town called Zeewolde. Neutral climate, rich soil, and distinct craftsmanship are the centerpiece of LumiereVodka.

Malted Dutch Barley

Malted Dutch Barley used in Lumierevodka goes through stringent requirements and examination that guarantee it of the finest quality to be used for distillation. Our barley selected is only of Dutch origin to assure that only Dutch agricultural processes are performed on the grain, which are the leading agricultural methods in the world.


LumiereVodka works hand in hand with farmers in El Salvador to cultivate panela that is rich in nutrients and molasses content.  The terror of El Salvador produces a distinct variation of panela that give LumiereVodka its caramel aromas. No industrialized methods are performed in our farming practices to preserve the breadth of flavors our panela gives LumiereVodka.

our process


malted barley

The finest Dutch Barley is selected and then malted to bring out the sweetness of the grain. Panela from a specific region of El Salvador is produced and then shipped to the Netherlands.


LumiereVodka is slowly fermented for 72 hours using our trade-secret strain of yeast. Good-tasting flavors and pleasant aromas begin to form as the mash ferments into a beer of 8-10% alcohol by volume.


LumiereVodka is first distilled in a 450-liter copper whiskey still to develop an unusual depth of flavor. LumiereVodka is then distilled twice in a 100-liter Polish-origin reflux still.


LumiereVodka is non-filtered to retain all of its pleasant-tasting properties. Close examination and testing are conducted on each finishing distillation run to meet a stringent set of standards that will guarantee we get taste right the first time.